The Space In Between

May 1, 2017

Walking from Point A to Point B--or more precisely from the Devon Tower to the Oklahoma Tower--will become a more enjoyable and visually interesting path. The area is being transformed from an unused, utilitarian route into a landscaped area that invites people to not only traverse through the urban space, but also sit and stay awhile.

The Pedestrian Corridor, designed by Howard-Fairbairn Site Design and Scott Murase, links multiple downtown buildings including the Devon Tower, Oklahoma Tower, Robinson Renaissance, Corporate Tower and two parking structures to Park and Robinson Avenues.

The nearly $3 million makeover used Project 180 TIF funding to create better walkways and lighting, a plaza with a water feature, seating and landscaping. Two pieces of art will be incorporated into the space. The “Raven and Apple” sculpture by Peter Woytuk, was relocated to a more prominent location and artist Jack Fowler was commissioned to create a “treescape” mural on the blank west and south walls of Oklahoma Tower.

 A new restaurant, Manhattan, is opening soon on the northwest corner of Park avenue and we expect to see additional retail and eateries opening up as more people take the scenic route.

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