Retail Incentive Policy

Oklahoma City is heavily dependent on sales tax to fund core City services. City Council has adopted a retail incentive policy that promotes the development of regional retail establishments such as outlet malls along with new to market retailers In addition, the City policy allows for retail businesses that will serve underserved areas. 

For more information Contact Tammy Fate with the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce at (405) 297-8958 or

Strategic Investment Program

The Oklahoma City Strategic Investment Program (SIP)  creates quality jobs in Oklahoma City by ensuring accountability, transparency, with a focus on pay-for-performance incentives.  

Qualifying applicants must:

  • Create new direct jobs within the City limits , and they must be primary jobs (those whose goods and services are primarily sold outside of the state of Oklahoma). 
  • These new direct jobs must meet qualifying average wage thresholds, which is 100 percent of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) average wage. In 2008 it was $35,846
  • The company must provide 50 percent of employee health care benefits
  • Create at least 50 full time jobs.  The company’s annual new payroll must be equal or greater than $1.75 million.

Should a company qualify for the SIP program, funds will be disbursed on a pay for performance schedule that is agreed to by the company and the City of Oklahoma City. These funds can be used for capital expenditures such as site acquisition, construction, renovation, engineering, design and equipment. Reimbursement will occur on an annual basis. During the due diligence process, certain corporate financial information will be required. Companies will be briefed on confidentiality requirements during a pre-application meeting.

Tax Increment Finance Districts

The City of Oklahoma City has 9 tax increment finance (TIF) districts. The districts were established pursuant to the Oklahoma Local Development Act and the State Constitution. The districts are all located in the core of Oklahoma City. 

Tax increment financing (TIF) districts are an economic tool that Oklahoma City utilizes for promoting development in blighted, underserved, or economically distressed urban areas. TIF helps to fund new economic growth that will attract new investors, consumers, and employers into the area.

TIF monies can be allocated in two ways:

1. The City can construct public improvements (parking, infrastructure, streetscape, and/or landscaping improvements) on publicly owned land or easements

2. The developer or redeveloper can receive an allocation of TIF revenues to fund eligible TIF project costs in the form of “assistance in development financing” upon meeting conditions to the allocation

For more information, contact Brent Bryant, the City’s Economic Development Program Manager at or (405) 297-2260. 

For information on TIF # 1 or #7, Contact Cathy O'Connor, Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority, (405) 235-3771.

Increment District #1: Oklahoma Health Center Tax Increment District 

Increment District #2: Downtown/MAPS Tax Increment District

Increment District #3: Skirvin Hotel Sales Tax Increment District

Increment District #4: Oklahoma Riverfront Tax Increment District

Increment District #5: Oklahoma Riverfront Sales Tax Increment District

Increment District #6: Las Rosas Residential Tax Increment District

Increment District #7: Oklahoma Bioscience Development Tax Increment District

Increment District #8: Devon World Headquarters Tax Increment District

Increment District #9: Northeast Renaissance Tax Increment District

Increment District #10: First National Tax Increment District

Core to Shore Reinvestment Area TIF Districts