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Northeast Oklahoma City is often compared to a food desert because full size grocery stores were not in close vicinity to residents. Now, it will be gaining a full service and full size (30,000 square foot) grocery store – Homeland. The store is set to open Fall 2021 and construction is well underway at 36th and Lincoln. This new store will provide residents with access to closer and fresher food options. This project in particular has been in the works at The Alliance since 1998! The city of Oklahoma City created a Tax Increment Finance District for the site and OG&E sold a small piece of land to the Alliance to complete the site. The lender for this project, National Cooperative Bank works with co-ops and has a specialty in the grocery industry. The Alliance worked with Arkansas-based Heartland Renaissance Fund and U.S. Bank to get New Market Tax Credits. The tax credits are designated specifically for new construction in low-income areas. 

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