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  • Cathy O'Connor

why retailers choose okc

Retailers consider many factors when choosing a new location. Demographics, density and growth are major influences on site research, and several cities are compared when vying for new retailers in their market. Instead of being compared to Tulsa, the debate of Dallas versus Oklahoma City is always part of the discussion.

Our southern neighbor has long been a big attractor for retail chains. When choosing between Dallas and Oklahoma City, there are some similarities and differences, like size. Dallas’ metro area has about 6 million people, whereas Oklahoma City’s is a little over 1 million, which brings both pros and cons.

Oklahoma City has distinct demographics and metrics for areas all over the metro. This allows retailers to really know the area they are choosing and strategically place storefronts in a new market.

This makes Oklahoma City a great incubator for growth.

Not only are population demographics important, but population density is crucial when retailers research new locations. Oklahoma City has dealt with sprawl in the past, but with the creation of unique districts, more and more people are living and shopping in concentrated areas.

Read the full article here in the September 2nd edition of The Journal Record.

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