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  • Cathy O'Connor

skyscrapers show iconic progress

Downtown looks nothing like it did 20 years ago. Through MAPS projects and many other development efforts, downtown Oklahoma City has grown to be a place where city planners across the country come to visit to find ideas and inspiration.

Major ongoing and future projects that will have a great impact on the city’s future are the skyscrapers coming to downtown. These include the BOK Park Plaza, the new OG&E headquarters and high-rise residential development in the former Stage Center block.

The BOK Park Plaza building will provide new headquarters for Bank of Oklahoma as well as other companies, but the building also has plans to include a restaurant and community space. This versatility appeals to more than the business industry and provides valuable amenities to the community for hosting events and more.

Plans are continuing to be hashed out on the high-rise residential and OG&E buildings, which will transform the west side of the Myriad Gardens into valuable downtown assets. In addition to careful planning for the new skyscrapers, developers are also brainstorming ways to provide parking to accommodate the influx of daily downtown life.

Read the fulla article here in the November 25th edition of The Journal Record.

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