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  • Cath O'Connor

support local economies for holidays

The holiday season is a time for us to celebrate family, friends and share our support for one another. For many that means purchasing and exchanging gifts for Christmas. While lots of us have taken our shopping online, I’d like to remind everyone of the importance of supporting local shops and businesses.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge consumer shopping days, but some may not be as familiar with Small Business Saturday, which was hit hard in Oklahoma City due to the recent ice storm. Many local shops depend on the holiday rush to support their sales at the end of the year. Right now, their sales are down significantly due to the weather on Nov. 28.

Oklahoma City’s business growth provides a plethora of great options for shopping locally, and its seasonal options make it even easier. The Holiday Pop-Up Shops at N. Hudson Avenue and NW 10th Street, near Blue Garten, and the Winter Shoppes at the Myriad Gardens provide a variety of merchandise, with some of the shops changing out on a weekly basis.

Other seasonal activities downtown create a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors. The Devon ice rink and the Oklahoma City Dodgers snow tubing bring people, and potential shoppers, downtown for the evening or weekend. These activities provide more than holiday enjoyment, but mean heavier foot traffic in places where shops and restaurants can be found.

Read the full article here in the December 10th edition of The Journal Record.

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