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  • Cathy O'Connor

new plaza developments

As Oklahoma City’s districts continue to develop, renovate and bring new infrastructure to the area, they welcome more local retail, restaurants, office and commercial space. One area that has seen great development is the Plaza District.

Substantial renovations have taken place over the past several years to provide spaces for new restaurants and retail businesses. The renovations have also encouraged more foot traffic, especially during the Live on the Plaza event that happens monthly.

After 10 years, plans are being presented for the Plaza District to develop completely new infrastructure that includes office space, retail, restaurants and apartments. This will continue to entice not only consumers looking for shopping and food, but also businesses that are relocating their office space and residents looking to live downtown.

The first of the new potential developments is a two-story, 4,796-square-foot building on a vacant lot at 1804 NW 16th St. This space has plans to incorporate retail or restaurant space on the first floor and retail or office space on the second. Plans also include a paved community space in the back of the building.

Read the full article here in the December 16th edition of The Journal Record.

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