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  • Cathy O'Connor

a year of growth

In the past year, Oklahoma City has experienced a great many accomplishments. The city decided on a location for the new convention center, which will bring in bigger conferences and events. It moved forward with the MAPS 3 streetcar, which will soon provide much needed public transit. Northeast Oklahoma City saw the announcement of several economic development projects, approval for tax-increment financing assistance and renovations of historic buildings. Downtown’s residential offerings increased significantly, meeting the high demand by residents looking to move closer to the commercial center.

The city also reflected on the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, when residents rose above the circumstance to help those in need. We have seen how far the city has come in those two decades.

Many more developments are occurring across Oklahoma City while preserving, to the best of our ability, the unique features of historic buildings. The city’s focus on a business-friendly environment continues, encouraging major companies such as Paycom and Boeing to expand, creating more jobs. OKC’s districts continue to grow both residentially and commercially, and future plans show no signs of slowing.

Big retail and entertainment have also found their place, with the city welcoming H&M, Cabela’s, Topgolf and more. Business development is not the only area that has improved in the city. Project 180 continues its progress on parking and sidewalks in downtown, and renovations around the City Municipal Building are nearing completion.

Read the full article here in the December 23rd edition of The Journal Record.

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