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  • Cathy O'Connor

rankings mean progress

Success can be measured by innovation, metrics and goals achieved.

Oklahoma City has climbed up the ranks in many categories as the city has experienced a renaissance of development and its progress gains national recognition.

Oklahoma City and its citizens have gone to great lengths to improve the metropolitan area. In the past five years alone, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber reports that more than 200 new projects and expansions have come to Oklahoma City. More than 21,000 new jobs have been created, with the average salaries of created jobs at more than $5,000 higher than mean annual wage for the metropolitan statistical area. Fortune magazine also recently ranked Oklahoma City in eighth place among the best cities to find a job.

In October, a survey of more than 15,000 small businesses nationwide showed that Oklahoma City ranked No. 1 among 62 cities. Thumbtack reported that Oklahoma City reached this distinction from participants sharing their views about current and future economic conditions.

Read the full article here in the January 13th edition of The Journal Record.

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