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  • Cathy O'Connor

rehabilitation and new construction both add value

Recent construction of single-family homes and multifamily developments have increased the residential offerings in the Oklahoma City area, but it’s also important to maintain and rehabilitate the existing housing stock in neighborhoods. Several programs and organizations are assisting residents with the repairs and upkeep necessary to keep their homes safe and attractive.

Most recently, Rebuilding Together OKC hosted a Rebuilding Day in the Culbertson’s East Highland neighborhood of northeast Oklahoma City, in which more than 1,000 volunteers from various companies and organizations made repairs to 27 houses in the area. The project was a collaboration of Rebuilding Together OKC, Oklahoma City’s Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, the Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma and the Culbertson’s East Highland Neighborhood Association. Rehabilitation of existing homes adds much needed value for homeowners and the surrounding neighborhood.

The Strong Neighborhoods Initiative offers many other programs aimed at improving existing homes and neighborhoods. Besides its housing rehabilitation program, the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative also offers down-payment assistance, code enforcement assistance, a neighborhood tree planting program, a weatherization program and several other programs designed to enhance existing neighborhoods. The city partners with several other organizations to provide these programs as part of the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative.

Existing parks and public spaces are also being rehabilitated in Oklahoma City. Memorial Park at NW 36th Street and N. Classen Boulevard recently underwent an extensive renovation. Additions and improvements to the park included resurfaced tennis courts, new ADA accessible playground equipment, new picnic shelters, new walking paths, a new basketball court and renovations to the fountain, fountain plaza and the Shakespeare garden. This project was funded with 2007 general bond obligation funds. Several other parks and plazas are seeing renovation as well.

Read the full article here in the April 19th edition of The Journal Record.

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