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  • Cathy O'Connor

future innovation

Downtown Oklahoma City is experiencing great, sustained growth. While downtown housing, commercial business, retail, restaurants and entertainment continue to see a renaissance, the outer rims of downtown look to experience this same growth.

One area outside of downtown that is experiencing important development is the Innovation District, which includes the Oklahoma Health Center. Oklahoma City is in discussions on how to better connect this district with downtown and be a part of improvements set to occur soon.

Discussions include introducing ways to link the Innovation District to other districts, as well as improving the bike-sharing systems. Since it is important to make the area pedestrian-friendly, efforts to improve walkability may include installing bike paths, sidewalks and parks.

Not only will this help connect districts to one another, it will also improve the surrounding neighborhoods around the Innovation District. Although today they have experienced less economic activity and development than elsewhere around the city, improved infrastructure can help to boost growth...

Read the full article here in the May 12th edition of The Journal Record.

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