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  • Cathy O'Connor

NE renaissance builds community

Northeast Oklahoma City is an area rich with Oklahoma history and culture. It is also an area that faces more serious economic and health issues than the rest of the city.

According to a comprehensive lifestyle report conducted by the Lynn Institute for Healthcare Research, northeast Oklahoma City is one of the most impoverished areas within our state. The area lacks access to health care, fitness resources such as trails and gyms, healthy food choices and other factors that contribute to poor health statistics. A collaboration among several groups and organizations seeks to address these and other quality-of-life issues.

This community coalition consists of diverse leaders in business, funding, health and social services. The goal is to develop and adopt a sustainable 10-year plan to improve the overall health of the community. The Lynn Health Community group is currently in the process of recruiting people to join the initiative, including educators, health officials, business owners and community residents.

Read full article in The Journal Record

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