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  • Cathy O’Connor

Districts add culture, history, economic impact

Something that makes Oklahoma City an interesting place to live and visit is our unique districts. These areas of the city have high local ownership and investment, and in some cases, a notable history or concentration of culture. They also have significant economic impact on the rest of the city.

Uptown, the Plaza District, the Paseo Arts District, Automobile Alley, Midtown, Deep Deuce, Film Row, Stockyards City and the Asian District are all familiar for their locally owned shops, small service businesses, distinct architecture and original restaurants. They are well-organized and have a strong identity, board and management structure.

Many of our established and emerging districts have been helped along with TIF District designation and the Commercial District Revitalization Program started by the city of Oklahoma City in 2009 to help districts get organized, launch and grow. Year over year since 2013, over 80 percent of the managed districts outperform Oklahoma City’s average sales tax growth.

Some of the newer districts are making great progress in formerly blighted areas.

Read the full article at The Journal Record

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