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  • Cathy O’Connor

Fair provides entertainment, economic impact

It’s beginning to feel like fall with the arrival of the Oklahoma State Fair, which opens Thursday and ends Sept. 23 at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. The annual tradition brings more than corn dogs, world-class entertainment acts and Ferris wheels; the event has a significant economic impact on Oklahoma City.

Nearly 1 million people attend the Oklahoma State Fair annually, which is slightly less than the entire population of Oklahoma City and Tulsa combined. Last year, the financial company SmartAsset listed the Oklahoma State Fair as one of the best state fairs in America due in part to its wide range of activities, from barrel racing and wine competitions to robotics, big-name bands, Disney on Ice and, of course, the rides and games. The event attracts people from all over the country who spend money on tickets, food, lodging and other expenses, generating more than $100 million annually in direct spending in Oklahoma City.

SmartAsset also noted the long history of revenue being reinvested in the facilities to keep the park up to date. With investments from the city, the Chamber of Commerce and Oklahoma City residents, State Fair Park has continued to improve its facilities, infrastructure and visitor experience.

Read the full article at The Journal Record

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