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  • Cathy O’Connor

Leaders recognized for commitment

The Dean A. McGee awards are one of my favorite recognition events. Named after Oklahoma business leader Dean A. McGee, who championed the downtown development of Oklahoma City, the ceremony is organized by Downtown OKC Inc. and recognizes outstanding leaders, volunteers and others who have helped build our city.

This year’s honorees are Chuck Wiggin, president of Wiggin Properties; Peter Dolese, executive director of the Arts Council of Oklahoma City; and Stan Lingo, owner of Lingo Construction. I have worked with each of the honorees and have seen firsthand how their efforts benefit Oklahoma City.

Dolese is the recipient of the Stanley Draper Award, which recognizes an outstanding nonprofit staff member, volunteer or non-elected government employee who has had an enduring effect on downtown. As executive director since 2008, Peter has seen this role as an opportunity to help revitalize downtown through art. He has been involved with the popular Festival of the Arts since 1975 and has helped grow the annual event to an average of 750,000 attendees.

The Neal Horton Award recognizes a visionary who sparks a renaissance in the downtown area. Stan Lingo and his team have renovated numerous buildings in downtown Oklahoma City, including the Main Street Arcade, The Plow, the Sunshine Laundry Building and Tower Theatre. His commitment to restoring historic buildings while bringing in a new area of business is a great example of how honoring Oklahoma City history and economic development can be beneficial to all.

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