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  • Cathy O’Connor

Retaining, recruiting talent fuels growth

Oklahoma City is a great place to live – we all know it. And now there’s a bigger push to let the rest of the world know. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber just launched a new relocation and talent-attraction website,, with features aimed specifically at helping companies recruit or retain talent in the Greater Oklahoma City region.

Professionals considering a move here are interested in seeing multiple job opportunities. One of the new features of the website is aggregated job boards searchable by Oklahoma City’s key industry sectors. Candidates considering a move to Oklahoma City can quickly see demand for their skill set from multiple employers and the depth of the job opportunity here.

The housing section highlights the metro’s diverse residential options with images to show different urban and suburban communities and the unique feel of each. Oklahoma City’s low commute times and affordable housing are big advantages for our community. There’s an enhanced online calculator so those from outside the area can estimate their lower cost of living in Oklahoma City and the meaningful impact that can have for them personally.

Beyond job opportunities and housing, the site also shows off what it’s like to live here and the abundance of our arts and entertainment amenities. Videos and photos highlight everything from attractions to districts and unique areas in Oklahoma City, as well as stories about our culture from the people who live here.

Read the full article at The Journal Record

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