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July 31, 2019


Opportunity zones represent a new way to invest in the Oklahoma City renaissance. This week, we are unveiling the website to market our opportunity zones to potential projects, businesses and investors.


The site allows projects and business owners in an opportunity zone to enter information about their project, including the size of investment they are seeking, their project start and completion dates, the location of the project or business, if determined, and other development incentives being utilized or potentially available. Investors or fund managers can then use the new website in one of two ways. They can list their investment fund, which might be seeking additional investors, or find projects that match their investment interest and experience.


Visitors to the site will be able to use an interactive map to see commercial, residential and industrial projects in varying phases of development or operation in each of the eight opportunity zones across the city. Investors will be able to use the interactive portal to search for investment opportunities by zone, type of development, zoning classification, size of investment requested and other parameters.


An address look-up function will allow property owners to see if their property or a property they have an interest in is located within an opportunity zone and learn more about each zone.


Read more at The Journal Record

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