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  • Cathy O’Connor

Statement from Cathy O'Connor about Homeland grocery store in Northeast Oklahoma City

“New developments are always exciting announcements. But this isn’t just any new development. It represents a turning point for a part of our city that has had little to no access to fresh groceries in their neighborhoods for nearly 25 years. Homeland has stepped up to fulfill this basic need in our community. Although some of us may take it for granted, lack of access to fresh and healthy groceries has affected the health and quality of life of many in northeast Oklahoma City. In my 20+ years of work in economic development, I have never been prouder of a team so determined to make a project happen. Thanks to Mayor Holt, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, City Council and especially council member Nikki Nice, who brought attention and advocacy to this need. I’d like to thank our development partners Endeavour Corporation and ESmith Legacy Communities for their commitment and time. When other communities look to OKC to learn how we solve big problems, continue to grow and work collaboratively, this will go down as an example of our tenacity.”

Cathy O’Connor, president of The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City.

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