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  • Cathy O’Connor

Events enhance innovation goals

Innovation District Oklahoma City

It’s an exciting time for the Innovation District, when the process of research and planning is transforming into action: projects, events and activities to accomplish the goals of developing an inclusive district and fostering a collaborative, entrepreneurial culture.

One of the goals for the Innovation District is to connect with nearby residents to provide education and training and prepare them for jobs that currently exist or will be created in the district.

The Brookings study highlighted the fact that the district’s growth and employment opportunities have not been realized by neighboring communities and their residents. Median household incomes in nearby neighborhoods are below $25,000, compared to over $50,000 for the region as a whole. Unemployment levels hover above 15%, nearly three times the metro rate.

The Innovation District has launched regular training, networking and programming and is reaching out in various ways to promote these opportunities, especially to the residents in the surrounding neighborhoods. Many of the new jobs created in the Innovation District will not require a college degree and will have higher-than-average wages, which could be life-changing for nearby residents.


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