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  • Cathy O’Connor

Examples of innovation are everywhere

In a time marked by significant change and uncertainty, it is encouraging to look around at the examples of innovation. Oklahomans are incredibly responsive to challenges, and every day I hear stories of how businesses have changed the way they provide goods and services and even their manufacturing focus, to protect and help others.

Prairie Wolf Spirits pivoted from distilling vodka to making hand sanitizer. The co-owner, Erik Tekell, is a biochemist by training and when he heard of the shortages of hand sanitizer, he realized he had the base ingredients at the ready. The company has been making thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer since early March and working hard to try to meet an overwhelming demand of orders. They are selling everything from 4-ounce bottles to 275-gallon barrels, all while giving away 1-ounce bottles to serve community health.


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