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  • Cathy O’Connor

Modern Frontier is making anything possible

Oklahoma City is looking for a champion in you. We capture top national rankings for being a great place to live, start a business and raise a family. We generate visits and interest from other cities for investing in ourselves, and that public investment, largely through the MAPS program, has led to significant private investment. An analysis by RegionTrack released in November found the impact of MAPS totals more than $7 billion.

Oklahoma Citians understand and see the growth and progress all around us. Now, the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau has unveiled a new brand that captures that spirit, excitement and opportunity. The new tagline, Modern Frontier, represents a place and a people who are genuine, approachable, welcoming and unified. It’s a contemporary nod to OKC’s heritage and also evocative of our city’s ability to define its own future. We are a city with an open invitation: come live here, come work here, create memories and new experiences here – we’re open.

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