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  • Cathy O’Connor

RFPs out for anticipated development projects

The Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority and the Oklahoma City Redevelopment Authority issued 10 new requests for proposals. The RFPs are related to real estate services including property acquisition, architectural, landscape architectural, urban design, civil engineering, demolition, environmental assessment, home inspection, appraisal, and title services. The proposal process is an important step in facilitating intentional development that will enhance the economic development of the entire city.

OCURA and OCRA anticipate many projects over the coming years and the RFPs will help create a group of pre-qualified contractors for on-call services, allowing for a more efficient process. We anticipate rotating through the preferred vendors over the life of the three-year contract.

OCURA disposes of land in a publicly advertised RFP to the best, most qualified bidder with a plan for how to develop the land or property in a way that would enhance the area, bring the greatest investment to the community, and involve the most effective utilization of funds. This process includes selecting a redevelopment team, approving their plans, and evaluating their evidence of financing.

The Alliance, with the entities it manages, has taken a more active role as a developer. There are many properties in Oklahoma City that could be redeveloped in a way that brings far greater value to the community. So rather than simply sell the property or land, OCURA may become more involved. In some cases, a public-private partnership is the best way to accomplish the development or redevelopment of a particular property. An example of how this can work is the role the Alliance played as developer, or co-developer, of the Homeland grocery store at NE 36th and Lincoln. The Alliance was able to acquire the land and assemble the partners to secure loans, tax credits and investment for a complex deal that was unfeasible for private development alone. The Alliance oversaw the construction and entered into a long-term lease with Homeland.

These RFPs are the next step in finding the partners that will help OCURA and OCRA develop or redevelop properties in Oklahoma City that could increase needed housing while supporting better use for retail and industrial space. The RFPs will close on Oct. 29, so we encourage teams to apply now at


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