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  • Cathy O’Connor

Soon – the return of outdoor events in OKC

As the weather begins to warm, I’m looking forward to the return of outdoor events and activities. Organizations have been carefully planning ways to bring a group together in a large outdoor space while ensuring safe distancing protocols.

One of these events is the Steamroller Print Fest, presented by Artspace at Untitled. Attend one of Oklahoma’s most unique celebrations of artists and the creative process on Saturday, April 24, when Third Street will be lined with live music, food trucks, artist tents, live printing demonstrations, kids’ activities and the main attraction, the steamroller. Artspace at Untitled is calling for woodblock artists and on the day of the festival, woodblocks are covered in ink and pressed by a full-size steamroller onto paper and then displayed for the day on the brick walls of Deep Deuce. The event leaves a lasting impression on visitors and involves the community in the creative process. Amateurs and newcomers to the art form are encouraged and Artspace at Untitled offers three open studio days leading up to the festival for anyone wanting to carve a woodblock. Started in 2013, the event has grown in attendance every year, supporting individuals in the Oklahoma art community as well as their nonprofit host.

Another popular event that brings the community together is the Starlight Supper hosted by Downtown OKC Inc. Held under the evening sky, the supper is typically communal, attendees dining together at long tables. This year, it will be served picnic-style on May 13 in Kerr Park. The picnic turns everyone’s favorite outdoor dining event into a safe way to celebrate, socialize and enjoy the packaged picnics curated by some of the best chefs in OKC. Each picnic-for-two box will include a selection of savory bites, sweets and adult beverages. As in past years, the evening will be completed with live music and a canopy of sparkling lights.

All proceeds from Starlight Supper benefit Downtown Oklahoma City Initiatives, whose mission is to foster an environment of creativity and culture in downtown OKC through public art and activation. The event sells out quickly and tickets are available starting April 8 at 10 a.m.

These events and others like them add interest, vibrancy and community to Oklahoma City. If you are safely able, join in one of these, or other upcoming community gatherings, to stimulate creativity, conversation and new friendships.

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