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  • Cathy O’Connor

‘Streateries’ add patio space for social distancing

The city of Oklahoma City announced last week a streamlined permitting process to help restaurants and bars in Oklahoma City add much needed patio space in parking spaces adjacent to their businesses. Restaurants and bars have been some of the most heavily impacted small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis over the past several months.

Many restaurants and bars have limited space to effectively meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s protocols and the Oklahoma City-County Health Department’s health and social distancing guidelines to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Adding patio space in the parking spaces allows for more seating with appropriate spacing, and the concept is being implemented in cities across the country. A “Streatery” (street + eatery) is a creative solution to a social distancing challenge faced by many restaurants and bars and a way to help consumers feel more comfortable about visiting the establishments.


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