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  • Kenton Tsoodle

Successes from investment in ourselves

This spring was a good one for Oklahoma City, when we earned multiple national accolades for a variety of economic and social indicators.

We always rank well in affordability and low cost of living among cities our size. One of the driving factors is our housing market; we’re in an enviable position and not just within the U.S. The 2022 Demographia International Housing Study ranked Oklahoma City is the second-most affordable housing market among 92 international markets.

The housing market is driven by our strong employment opportunities since people move to where the jobs are. This spring, Oklahoma City was named a top city for creatives by Thrillist, one of five cities emerging as future hubs for life sciences development by Bisnow Media and we continue to have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

Oklahoma City’s great quality of life is reflected in the Policygenius ranking that places our city in the top 10% of cities for young professionals. This important metric shows that Oklahoma City is positioned for future growth, with those ages 20-34 choosing our city for their early career while demand for talent across the country is at a high.

These indicators of success are a result of our investment in ourselves. Our many achievements – improved transit, revitalized downtown, new workforce housing, job creation, entertainment districts, downtown park and arts support – were born from an innate ability to imagine what our future could look like, get broad input and spend the time, resources and hard work to see the vision come to reality. We can’t talk about our what our city offers and what we’ve created for ourselves without recognizing the transformation brought about through more than 25 years of MAPS – one of the best examples of our investment in ourselves. As we launch our MAPS 4 projects, it’s an exciting time for Oklahoma City with continued improvement, community building and investment.

At the State of the City event July 14 at 11:30 a.m., the mayor will reflect on Oklahoma City’s recent successes, key projects and initiatives and will share goals for future development and opportunities. It’s an ideal way to stay informed, get inspired and envision our future.


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