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New film office supports growing industry

A new office was created to help facilitate incentives, development and resources for Oklahoma City’s growing film and TV industry. The Oklahoma City Office of Film and Creative Industries was created through a partnership between the city of Oklahoma City and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber to continue to position our city as a premier place for film and TV production.

The data show our state increasingly being recognized and sought out for films and production, according to the Oklahoma Film + Music Office, the office that markets the state of Oklahoma to production studio executives, coordinates financial incentives, provides location scouting services and supports film workforce education and development. Between 2015 and 2020, the industry pumped approximately $100 million into the state economy. In 2021 alone, that amount grew to $169 million, followed by $104 million in 2022. A single movie or TV show can create hundreds of local jobs, including set design, costumes, production, postproduction, sound and music.

Educational programs are being created so that as many Oklahomans as possible can benefit from the career market that the film industry creates. Rose State College created a new film studies and digital media degree starting with the 2023 spring semester, joining Oklahoma City Community College, the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University in offering degree programs for the field.

Infrastructure developments, such as bigger soundstages including Prairie Surf and Green Pastures Studios, are being constructed to accommodate larger films with bigger budgets. Film-friendly workshops are being implemented around the state so that communities understand just how much they have to gain from engaging with this flourishing industry.

The Oklahoma City Office of Film and Creative Industries will add another resource and set of incentives for productions that choose to locate in Oklahoma City and will work closely with the Oklahoma Film + Music Office. The Alliance looks forward to working with the office on the Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust incentives with a $3 million fund finalized late last year to encourage new productions in Oklahoma City.

The new office will bring in filmmakers and production studios from around the world to create exciting new movies and TV shows. In return, Oklahoma City is the star of the show, gaining jobs, attracting investment, and diversifying our economic landscape. Learn more at


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