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  • Cathy O'Connor

festive in okc

Redevelopment in Oklahoma City means new and renovated infrastructure, retail, housing, parking and a boost in the economy. Many districts have become full-fledged communities, providing many amenities to locals and visitors alike. While infrastructure is vital to the city, there is also an entertaining side to development. Along with buildings, streets and parking come new parks and festivals.

Oklahoma City has a wealth of festivals that have popped up in recent years, along with old staples. Residents are more privy to outdoor events than ever before. Many of these festivals are thanks to tenacious and innovative small businesses and community leaders.

The city hosts the upcoming deadCENTER Film Festival, helping bring film education here and promoting local filmmakers’ work. Held every year in June in downtown Oklahoma City, it wouldn’t have been possible without these spaces and local businesses.

Many of the city’s districts have implemented monthly events like First Friday in the Paseo District and Live on the Plaza in the Plaza District. The city is home to H&8th Night Market, the nation’s largest monthly food truck festival. Automobile Alley offers events like Shop Hop and its annual Mustache Bash. The Myriad Botanical Gardens recently hosted the Festival of the Arts, which just celebrated its 49th year...

Read the full article here in the May 26th edition of The Journal Record.

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