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  • Cathy O'Connor

conventions want full service

The MAPS 3 convention center and hotel are essential parts of downtown Oklahoma City’s future. As it progresses, the city’s development of the Core to Shore district will need to move forward carefully as real estate in the area is purchased and building permits are issued.

When looking at the MAPS 3 convention center’s potential location, the city must also consider where attendees will stay for their visit. Downtown Oklahoma City’s hotel offerings continue to expand, but not all will be suitable for larger convention crowds and their diverse needs. Convention delegates can reasonably expect to stay in a full-service hotel, with amenities that help to promote the overall convention experience.

There are currently two limited-service hotels planned for construction in the Core to Shore area, along the downtown park site. These hotels will do very well to serve those here for a short stay, but we should remember that full-service hotels are needed for the convention center.

The convention center will potentially increase hotel demand by more than 25 percent in the two years after it is built. The headquarters hotel will take on a large part of that demand, and having full-service hotels nearby will help when capturing that market. However, conventions will not want to spread their attendees across several of Oklahoma City’s downtown hotels. Keeping them on or near the premises means more people within the convention space, attending sessions and visiting booths.

Capturing that same audience in as positive a manner as possible is also a focus of the convention center hotel’s design. Proposals for the hotel’s development come from Omni, Marcus, Matthews Southwest and Mortenson. These developers look to provide a four-star atmosphere for guests and convention visitors...

Read the full article here in the June 17th edition of The Journal Record.

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