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  • Cathy O'Connor

welcoming the wheeler district

Oklahoma City continues its expansion and development of new districts around downtown. These areas complement Oklahoma City’s sense of community and give its residents more housing, schools and retail options. One upcoming district under development is the Wheeler District, which covers the area from the former Downtown Airpark to the Oklahoma River.

Plans call for a nine-story Ferris wheel, originally from the Santa Monica Pier. The creation of this new district has prompted a strong resident response with valuable input on the Ferris wheel, public space and roundabouts. The district has already garnered interest from a grocer, retailers, restaurants and potential homeowners.

Wheeler is still in the early stages of planning and development. It is suspected that the school, Ferris wheel and first homes will be the area’s major developments set to open in 2016.

Wheeler will be a beneficial district in a currently underdeveloped area. Although still in the planning stages, construction is in the early phase, with the first homes being built on the west side of Western Avenue. Construction on other major infrastructure will continue over the next several years...

Read the full article here in the June 24th edition of The Journal Record.

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