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  • Cathy O'Connor

the benefits of density

From a city planning and economic development perspective, the word “density” has a few different meanings and measurements.

Density may refer to the number of people who live within a certain amount of space, the size of the buildings on a particular site or the number of homes located within a particular area.

Oklahoma City has not traditionally been very high in density in any of those measures, but that is changing in many parts of the city. Creating higher levels of density can have many benefits in regard to efficiency, livability, walkability and sustainability.

Every city has a limited amount of space and resources. The cost of infrastructure and public services increases as density lowers. The more spread out things and people are, the more it costs for the city to provide services such as roads, utilities and emergency services. Higher density increases the efficiency of providing services such as these.

Read the full article here in the May 3rd edition of The Journal Record.

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