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  • Cathy O’Connor

Working together for economic success

This is National Economic Development Week, an initiative of the International Economic Development Council to increase awareness of local programs that create jobs and increase quality of life.

The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City was formed in 2011 to better coordinate and streamline the economic development process in Oklahoma City. In addition to managing several entities including the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority and Oklahoma City Redevelopment Authority, we work in collaboration with public and private entities to begin or invigorate economic development projects throughout the city.

Oklahoma City has enjoyed many transformative projects facilitated through economic development programs, including the redevelopment of the historic Skirvin Hotel and the 21c Museum Hotel, the redevelopment of many historic buildings including the conversion of Page Woodson School into affordable housing, and the transformation of downtown streets and public spaces through Project 180.

What the public may not see is the magnitude of collaborative efforts it takes to deliver thoughtfully planned and high-value investments in economic development. For example, the Oklahoma City Planning Department manages federal grants to support affordable housing development and neighborhood revitalization. We partner in this effort by building affordable homes on land owned by OCURA.

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