June 28, 2016

by Cathy O'Connor via The Journal Record: June 28, 2016

Engaged citizens providing public input are a critically important element of development in Oklahoma City. There are multiple ways in which citizens can get involved and provide feedback.

The city of Oklahoma City relies on more than 800 individuals who sit on approximately 150 boards, commissions and committees regarding issues such as historic preservation, downtown and urban design, MAPS 3 projects and more. These bodies provide valuable and necessary input to projects and decisions that can have a lasting impact on the community. The city seeks to continuously fill vacancies that may occur on these boards, offering citizens the opportunity to stay engaged with Oklahoma City’s development and policies. The city’s website provides instruction on how to apply for these vacancies.

June 21, 2016

by Cathy O'Connor via The Journal Record: June 21, 2016

For many years there has been discussion, planning and progress toward the creation of a quiet zone along the Burlington-Northern Santa Fe rail line between NE Seventh Street and NE 16th Street in downtown Oklahoma City. In recent years the area of interest has expanded to include intersections as far north as Wilshire Boulevard and south to SE 23rd Street. The increase in commercial and residential development downtown prompted the effort, as residents and businesses struggled with the loud sound of the train horns blowing frequently while passing through the area.

Without a quiet zone in place, the Federal Railroad Administration requires train engineers to sound the warning whistles at least 15 seconds in advance of all crossings. The FRA defines a quiet zone as “a stretch of track where the FRA has agreed that trains are not required to routinely sound the horn at each public crossing except in emergencies, such as someone on the track or workers within 25 feet of the track or at the discretion of the crew, as appropriate.”

June 16, 2016

by Cathy O'Connor via The Journal Record: June 16, 2016

Development is ongoing for many projects downtown. New towers are being added to the Oklahoma City skyline, housing and hotel amenities are increasing, and new space is coming to host major expos and events downtown.

The BOK Park Plaza building construction is underway and will house Bank of Oklahoma as its primary tenant. Devon Energy will lease a significant portion of the building, with other tenants joining them as well. Two new parking garages will provide space for the building’s employees while offering retail space along Sheridan Avenue and Main Street.

June 8, 2016

The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City is seeking applications for a Project Manager. This position will work directly with a professional staff responsible to implement urban redevelopment projects and projects that stimulate economic growth and vitality throughout Oklahoma City. The full position description can be found here.

Resumes will be accepted until June 30, 2016 by email to nicolle.goodman@theallianceokc.org or by mail to The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City, 105 N. Hudson Avenue, Suite 101, Oklahoma City, OK 73102.

June 7, 2016

by Cathy O'Connor via The Journal Record: June 7, 2016

Downtown Oklahoma City has become a hub of activity and entertainment, especially in the summer months.

Each year, more festivals and events are occurring downtown as Project 180 and other improvements continue to make the area pedestrian-friendly by providing more sidewalks, landscaping, bike accessibility and parking. The summer offers a multitude of events all over downtown, displaying a culturally diverse and historic city center.