December 7, 2016

by Cathy O'Connor, via The Journal Record: December 7, 2016

Last week the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber hosted its annual State of the Economy event.

Several economists weighed in on our state’s economic well-being. A common theme among the experts was that even though our state has been affected by the drop in oil and gas prices, our city has endured the downturn better than in previous economic declines. This is due to intentional diversification of our economic base.

November 30, 2016

by Cathy O'Connor, via The Journal Record: November 30, 2016

The population of the Oklahoma City area has surpassed the 1 million mark and is expected to reach 2 million in just over 20 years. The reason we are experiencing such growth is that we’ve built a vibrant city through thoughtful planning and investments such as MAPS 3. Now we are seeing a return on our investment with labor market strength, more economic diversity and more people choosing to live in Oklahoma City.

November 23, 2016

by Cathy O'Connor, via The Journal Record: November 23, 2016

Oklahoma City is one of 230 designated Foreign-Trade Zones in the United States and competes with other major cities such as Dallas, San Francisco, and New York City to encourage businesses to establish import and export operations in our market. FTZ No. 106 covers 22 counties and is a regional economic development tool used by the city.

Companies that acquire FTZ designation are for customs purposes considered outside the United States. That way, internationally oriented companies that import goods, perform a manufacturing process or somehow change the raw product for resale have a better competitive edge.

November 16, 2016

by Cathy O'Connor, via The Journal Record: November 16, 2016

Three of the largest MAPS 3 projects hit a recent milestone. Operators were selected for the convention center, Oklahoma City Streetcar and the downtown public park.

These are the vendors who will take over daily control once we have these assets built – a huge responsibility considering the success of these three projects will depend largely on the experience and quality of the operator’s oversight.

November 9, 2016

by Cathy O'Connor, via The Journal Record: November 9, 2016

Progress OKC is a community development corporation recently created by the Alliance for Economic Development for Oklahoma City.

Its purpose is to be an economic and social resource that spurs investment and development in areas of Oklahoma City that have traditionally been under-resourced or disinvested. As a CDC, Progress OKC can access grants, community contributions and other funding sources not available to the Alliance for Economic Development.