April 14, 2015

by Cathy O'Connor via The Journal Record: April 14, 2015

Cities are going to great lengths to reinvigorate their downtowns with business, retail, restaurants and shopping. For city planners, it is important to make sure that all the redevelopment is happening in the right places.

Oklahoma City is committed to finding the most suitable spots for redevelopment. One way to ensure all the pieces will fit is to conduct a study on a particular area, which is how the Park Avenue Retail Enhancement Study came about.

April 8, 2015

by Cathy O'Connor via The Journal Record: April 8, 2014

When Oklahoma City was founded in 1889, few people would ever have imagined the growth it would experience in the following decade.

The explosion in population and commercial development prompted a state vote to move Oklahoma’s capital from Guthrie to Oklahoma City. Since then, Oklahoma City has grown tremendously, sometimes in leaps and bounds, sometimes in small, prudent steps.

The process of preserving our city’s historic downtown structures has a storied history of its own. The Pei Plan to redevelop OKC’s central business district in the 1970s resulted in the removal of several historic downtown buildings. As a result, redevelopment in downtown has been very cautious until the Metropolitan Area Projects initiatives. Weighing demands for residential and commercial development downtown with the importance of preserving historic structures must be done with care and good reason.

April 1, 2015

by Cathy O'Connor via The Journal Record: April 1, 2014

Ask any master artist and he or she will tell you every masterpiece starts with an idea and a plan. The same can be said for Oklahoma City’s redevelopment and each distinct architectural design. Measures have been taken to ensure established architecture is being preserved and maintained, especially in neighborhoods.

Northeast Oklahoma City is undergoing renovations totaling $20 million, and the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority recently adopted a set of standards for residential architectural design in the area. The guide outlines design and site planning objectives for the area’s developers and neighborhood planners.

March 31, 2015
Hotel Marion entrance
The newly renovated Hotel Marion will open its doors to new apartment tenants on April 1st.

The 111-year old building saw extensive repairs to maintain its historic integrity. MidTown Renaissance developer Chris Fleming worked over 10 years to renovate the structure with the help of TIF funding, city assistance on parking and the support of the community.

March 24, 2015

by Cathy O'Connor via The Journal Record: March 24, 2014

Oklahoma City is on the rise and not just because of our skyscrapers. Below the clouds, a plethora of diverse districts are emerging. There are several on the cusp of a full redevelop, like the Uptown District and south Oklahoma City. New districts revitalize underserved areas so new retail, restaurants and businesses can join the Oklahoma City economy.

Through Envision 240, south Oklahoma City is looking to take part in the economic development sweeping through our city. The Interstate 240 corridor between I-35 and I-44 is preparing for improvement to the area to restore its economic draw to businesses and the Oklahoma City public. The Urban Land Institute carried out a study on how to most effectively achieve those goals.